Nowadays, we are busy for everything and often get lost and frustrated. 


The 0.08 Carat diamond at the top-center of the dial design represents a Guardian Star in the darkness, guiding us our path when we are lost; shinning us every moment when we are dim. We want a clean and minimalistic design that would complement the diamond shininess and fits various patterns and color of different straps. 


After numerous of trials, we achieve the perfect dial ratio to offer the best shininess, slowly but surely, a beautiful watch emerged. It is a thin, elegant, and perfectly round case with the most comfortable arch ratio for the best comfort of wrist fitting. The classic yet fashion design can mix and match seamlessly with our tailor made straps, smart leather strap and beautifully crafted mesh strap. 


Florian style will appeal to almost everyone with a belief of be pure and be yourself.




Our iconic diamond dial design is the spirit of Florian Watches, each diamond is completely real natural, carefully hand-selected with brilliance. Every diamond is unique and beautiful in its own way and represents our philosophy.

Leather Strap

Our leather straps are crafted from genuine calf leather and are available in a range of various color and texture with a choice of silver, rose gold plated or light gold plated buckle. You can always stay on top of the fashion with our creative strap design.

Mesh Band

Our beautifully crafted mesh straps are soft and lightweight, ensuring the watch sits comfortably on your wrist.  The mesh strap is made from stainless steel and is available with silver, rose gold plated, and light gold plated with a easy length adjustment mechanism. 

A Watch for Every Occasion

Whether you are in a formal event, having fun with your shopping or enjoying a beautiful day at the beach, a classic Florian watch is a perfect companion for every occasion. All of our watches faces are designed with timeless style and versatility in mind, developed to match effortlessly with our interchangeable leather and mesh straps.